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Malaysia has been reported to have the highest prevalence of obesity among adults in South East Asia. In the 2019 National Health and Morbidity Survey, 50.1% of our adult population were reported to be overweight (30.4%) or obese (19.7%).

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Tan Sri Dr. Nor Hisham Abdullah Tweeted - *Please think before you select your drink". Reduce your comorbidities risk and you can reduce the severity of COVID-19 infections.


Almost every meal we have away from our homes will contain a large amount of sugar. This undeniable fact has embarked us to produce LOW GLYCEMIC LOAD SUGAR, which gives you the sweetness of normal sugar but, have lower calorie content.

Calculation of Glycemic Load


By incorporating Flavour Carrying Functionality (FCF) technology, our products have been developed to be great tasting, high quality, and facilitate the reduction of sugar and calorie intake. Our products are derived from sugarcane extracts.

FCF is not an ingredient, but a special feature of our product. Under our proprietary process which affects the structure of the molecule, our sucralose does not only carry a sweet profile but also retains a large extent of this flavour-carrying feature which is a key factor to differentiate our products from other sweeteners that are available on the market.

We incorporate sucralose into the sucrose structure permanently and grind our product into a fine mesh that can be 5X,10X, or 40X sweeter than normal sugar. The mixture is not stable as there will be separation during industrial mixing (from the vibration) or with other food ingredients causing a problem with sweetness uniformity.

Sugar Process


Therefore, we have come up with a series of products that will not only tastes amazing but is also of high quality and low in sugar and calories.

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