Concentrate Heroo Calamansi Fresh Juice 500ml

Concentrate Heroo Calamansi Fresh Juice 500ml

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Concentrate Heroo Calamansi Fresh Juice 500ml

Heroo Calamansi Fresh Juice

Heroo Calamansi Fresh Juice uses 100% calamansi fresh fruit juice. Through our unique technology, it helps to lower up to 90% of sugar calories when compared with other commercial calamansi juice. Giving you a peace of mind without the worry of breaking your diet whenever you take a sip.


What is Calamansi?

The calamansi or locally known as limau kasturi is considered as a hybrid citrus fruit between Kumquat and Mandarin Oranges. It combines the sweetness of the Kumquat with the proportions of the Mandarin Orange creating a strong citrus aroma with a refreshing taste.


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Benefits of Calamansi Juice:
•    Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A & Vitamin B6
•    High in Potassium
•    Improves Eyesight
•    Boost Immune System
•    Loss in Weight
•    Body Detox and Relief
•    Reduces stomach discomfort
•    Reduces condition risks
•    Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels
•    High anti-oxidants
•    Prevent diabetes

How to make a cup of Calamansi Fresh Juice:
Add 20ml of Concentrate Heroo Calamansi Fresh Juice to the cup, followed by 200ml of warm water/cold water, stir it and is ready to be served!

Extra Tips: Put some ice into the drink, it can become a thirst quencher to provide a refreshing feeling.  

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