Who Are We

Welcome to Heroo Mall - Mommy Suca World! (operated by Eces Global Sdn Bhd).

If you are looking for a type of product that is low in sugar & low in calories, we are here for you.

We are a private company that is known for establishing, developing, and initiating a platform for low-sugar and low-calorie food and drink products which brought Heroo & SuCaLess to the market.

People always say:

  • "Cutting out sugar is needed to be healthier"
  • "I want to stop my sweet tooth in order to lose weight"
  • "I need to eat clean in order to stay healthier"
  • "I have to reduce sugar intake in order to avoid obesity/overweight"

As you see above, people always struggle with the sugar intake on their diet every day due to the health problem/body signal that brought to them. There are many major diseases associated with overweight/obesity and abdominal obesity such as high blood pressure, heart diseases and etc. 


In line with our philosophy, we wish to keep everyone “Towards A Low Sugar & Low Calories Healthy Lifestyle". We are also in charge of manufacturing sugar replacement ingredients that are derived from sugar cane for the market by using proprietary technology. Our products are created by the best team with indispensable experience. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

Hence, in order to avoid/reduce the risk, why not come and join Mommy Suca towards a low sugar & low calories healthy lifestyle? Perhaps you will be surprised by the result while still maintaining the same sweetness in your diet. 

Kindly contact us for more information ([email protected])